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rFactor2: Lime Rock Park, Circuit rFactor 2 (RoadCourse)
posté 1-12-2015, 23:01
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Infos Générales
NomLime Rock Park(Connecticut)
Taille306 MB
Infos supplémentaireInfos circuit
CréateurImage Space Incorporated
Infos mise à jour
Log version 2.00 new
  • Updated roads, curbs and concrete to use Real Road Shader
  • Replaced trackside vehicles with more detailed ones
  • Replaced all sector timing lines
  • Redone all verges and fixed the most important mapping glitches
  • Redone groove mapping
  • Set new static reflection map position
  • Filled hills with more treelines
  • Applied new terrain shader and re-blended terrain
  • Applied vertex-based terrain shading (Radiosity + manual tweaking)
  • Added billboard weeds on terrain embankments
  • Added collision object for vehicles (hit at own risk)
  • Added crude –but effective– concrete wall to close off infield terrain gap
  • Added (lightweight) RC Layout
  • Increased number of pit spots
  • Included Test Team RealRoad Preset Pack
  • Fixed black faces on pit, paddock, Skip Barber and outer buildings
  • Fixed vegetation Vertex Alpha
  • Fixed crowd Vertex Alpha
  • Fixed unusually odd glitches on building glass
  • Fixed glowing marshals
  • Fixed hard seams at treeline edges
  • Fixed oil waste bin normal map
  • Fixed curb mapping
  • Fixed seam in curb mapping
  • Fixed tree mapping
  • Fixed gaps at T1, Podium and Paddock terrain
  • Fixed smoothing issues on some trackside objects
  • Fixed tyrewall popups
  • Fixed vegetation popups
  • Fixed tyre collision detection
  • Fixed building collision detection
  • Fixed floating crowd due to missing buildings on lower detail
  • Fixed outstanding shadow popups
  • Fixed some texture saturation
  • Fixed Paddock stripes to line up with pit building
  • Fixed Paddock cones to line up with pit building
  • Attempted to reduce tree transparency issue
Improvements and enhancements
  • Improved movable objects reaction
  • Improved crowd material
  • Improved pit building normal maps
  • Improved outhouse normal and specular maps
  • Improved vegetation materials and textures
  • Improved and optimized glass materials
  • Improved road and terrain texture sets
  • Improved painted stripes
  • Improved armco normal map
  • Improved vegetation randomness through vertex shading
  • Added bump/spec maps for fence-mounted ivy
  • Added key terrain reflections
  • Moved fire truck to narrow the incorrect pit exit shortcut
  • Reduced aliasing on Barriers and Tyres
  • Reduced aliasing on Terrain
  • Reduced aliasing on Vegetation
  • Reduced aliasing on Buildings
  • Reduced aliasing on Structures
  • Tweaked fog
  • Optimized roads, curbs and terrain for smoother performance
  • Optimized road and verge decals for smoother performance
  • Optimized armco for smoother and better performance
  • Optimized fences for smoother performance
  • Optimized tyres for smoother and better performance
  • Optimized buildings for smoother performance
  • Optimized structures for smoother performance
  • Optimized small props for smoother performance
  • Optimized vegetation for smoother performance
  • Optimized crowds for smoother performance
  • Optimized vehicles for smoother performance
  • Optimized wet surface reflections
  • Optimized environment reflection on carbody

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posté 4-12-2015, 17:07
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Merci pour l'info.
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