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Version complète : Mige Arrived, i am running into problems!
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Hello guys and sorry for posting in English, i cant speak French.

My Mige arrived but there is a problem and i cant find a solution.

1. After setting it up with the help from the appropriate thread, i tried to do some testing in the driver. I move the axle a little but and then it started rotating by itself to the direction i pushed it. It wouldnt stop and after 10 seconds it starts vibrating and other bad noises. I have to pull the plug out!

2. Using GDTool, i selected invert decoder direction. This fixes the problem but the wheel is going the wrong way. I can fix this in-game by selecting invert option. When i tried to play for example Assetto Corsa, the wheel worked with FFB but the force was coming in "steps" or in "pulses" It moves 5 degrees for example normally, then there is a 5 degrees with a lot of resistance but when you get over the resistance it is normal again, after 5 degrees the same happens over and over, its like there is a problem with the internal magnets or something.

What do you guys think, how can i fix this thing ? I am running out of energy and ideas here...
Did you use the DRC file available here ?
Sorry my english is too bad, but i have the same problem and now all is good.

surely someone can help you here.
Thank you for fast responses guys, i used this file : tortyeg_mmos_MiGe_130ST-M10010@11A.drc , gonna test the one you suggested Point!

I will report back in 5 minutes. Fingers crossed.

OK, it works now !

I wonder what was wrong in the other firmware.

Anyway, tried it with AC and i have no words to describe it, but the forces are so high at 30% in driver and 80% in game, anyone has any nice Assetto Corsa settings to use? happy3.gif

Thanks for the help !
Tortue G
Great if it works now lol4.gif !
About games settings, I set always 100% Force Max in MMOS software, and I reduce them inside games, for Assetto Corsa I use 45% FFB, 100% damper, and 10% for the three additional effects settings.
And be careful to use the same wheel range on both game and MMOS software; with AC you can set to 1180° in game and in software.

Now have a good play lol2.gif !
Although it was working fine, i decided to put the amperage to lower values to begin with.

So i put Max A @ 6 and fixed the rest options accordingly.

After this my problem reappeared... i dont know why it is doing it but i cannot fix it now by re-loading the same firmware.

After some testing i have come to this conclusion :

When i put 900 degrees of rotation in driver, i spin the wheel, when it is almost to hit the STOP, it starts spinning, check my video here :

If i put max degrees, 2160, i have to spin the wheel 2160 degrees and then it starts spinning like crazy, INSTEAD of stopping ! (software stop)

So, the problem here is that when the wheel must hit the STOP, it starts SPINNING !

Check my video happy3.gif

HELP ! lol2.gif

P.S. This happens in game and also in desktop.

So, some new data for you, i decided to click "invert encoder direction" in GDTool and the "stop" works fine now!

Before i inverted i did a motor test, in following picture you can see the 1st test is with the motor encoder NOT inverted, and the 2nd test bellow it is with the encoder inverted!

I can see there is a NEGATIVE reading and it suggests something is wrong, but the wheel works fine now...

Any ideas? lol2.gif
sorry I haven't the answer but I'll definitely try to "invert" in GDTools tonight
OK, false alarm.

It seems i made a mistake in the drivers, which caused all that stuff.
Check pictures bellow, ignore other settings only watch the check boxes:

My mistake:

Correct setting:
Tortue G
You can check "Index Auswerten" too after (too be auto-centered at start), but set correctly the others settings before lol4.gif , and after you have centered the wheel the offset must be under +/-10000, else it will spin at start before being ready...
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